Why are my cats’ claws flaking off?


You might be worried to find a kitty’s claw stuck to the sofa or a scratching post. The good news is that it’s actually normal and healthy to a cat. So don’t worry, your cats’ totally fine!

Those little flakes are called sheaths. Cats grow their claws through a periodic growing cycle. As the outer sheath of the claw grows old and gets worn out, a new, sharp claw is being prepared to be exposed through the shedding of the older sheath. This is similar to a snake shedding its older skin while it grows.

Cats keep their claws in good condition by scratching, which is a totally natural behavior. This process allows cats to keep their claws fresh and sharp so that they can more effectively hunt, climb, and to pick things up.

This is why cat owners need to provide sufficient scratching surfaces to facilitate the shredding process. Felines that never scratch may require medical attention for their nails that have grown too long as it may curl and pierce the paw pads.