Q: Why Cats Need Their Claws and Why Do They Scratch?
Miru: I scratch to claim my presence through physical and scented marks. Scratching is also a great way to  relax and exercise my body. Furthermore it helps to groom my nails by removing old nail sheaths.

Q: Which Scratcher Shape is Best For My Cat?
Miru: Every cat is different. Cats stretch and scratch differently; some cats enjoy a good horizontal stretch, some enjoy a slanted surface, and some prefer tall posts. Observe the normal scratching behaviors of you cat and select the scratcher that best resembles the form of the objects your cat normally scratches. We offer a range of different shapes to suit the needs of every cat. Take a look at our Scratcher Selection Guide for more information.

Q: Sisal, Carpet, Bark or Cardboard?
Miru: We love all of them, while some cats might prefer one type over the other. Miru loves cardboard most, but your cat might be different. If you have carpeted floors, stay away from carpet scratchers as we don’t distinguish between the scratcher and your precious carpet that you want to protect.

Q: How Can I Teach My Cat To Use New Scratchers?
Miru: Encourage your kitty by scratching your own nails on the scratcher. Rub a bit of catnip onto the new scratcher to entice your cat. Avoid placing your cats’ paws on the scratcher as this will frighten them. Place it near places your cat usually hangs out or scratches and give your cat some time alone to get acquainted with the new scratcher. They will normally get on well in a day or two.

Q: Where Should I Place The Scratchers?
Miru: When introducing a new scratcher, its best to place it where your cat usually exercises its paws to encourage usage. Once your cat is accustomed to the new scratcher(usually in a few days), you may move it to a new location. Positions that I recommend include places near to your cat’s normal napping places/ where the family gathers/ near the front door/ near windows or places where your cats gather. If you have a large house, it’s best to have several scratchers around the house at every location where your cat likes to hang out. Read more about placement in our Tips section.

Q: How Offen Do I Need To Replace The Scratchers?
Miru: It depends on your cats scratching behavior and can last a few months to well over a year. Our scratchers are made with high density premium corrugated cardboard and last twice as long as other brands.

Q: Where Can I Buy One of Your Scratchers?
Miru: Our scratchers will be available soon on amazon.com. Stay tuned.

Q: Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?
Miru: If you purchase through Amazon, you are automatically covered by Amazon’s first class consumer return policy. Read more.