Have trouble selecting the right scratcher for your kitty? Read this simple selection guide to assist you in choosing~

Every cat has one or more favorite scratching postures. Some might prefer scratching on the ground while others might enjoy scratching walls or posts. Selecting the appropriate scratcher for your cat will definitely make her happier.

So how can we know what’s our kitty’s preference? As a starting point, we suggest you spend some time observing your cats’ scratching behavior and look for scratch marks around the house. If your kitty usually scratches on the ground or other horizontal surfaces, you can provide them with a flat scratching pad as an alternative. If your kitty scratches on door posts, walls, or the vertical surfaces on your sofa, try a scratching post. The idea is to provide a scratcher that closely resembles the things they are already scratching.

A better way to find out is by simple experiment. Cardboard scratchers are very affordable and it doesn’t hurt to try out a few extra options and see which are the ones your kitty loves most. Since you are going to need to replenish your scratcher supplies many times over the years, it’s worth spending a bit upfront to find the best match for your kitty.

Additional considerations include size, appearance, and construction. Check the measurements to make sure the size fits the intended placement positions. Our scratchers are designed with a minimal modern aesthetic. They should fit well in every modern home. Whether you are buying from us or from another brand, make sure to check the quality of the construction. Cheaper brands usually use loosely packed cardboard for their scratchers which tend to wear out pretty quickly. All of our scratchers use high density pressed cardboard that can take your cats beating and last a few times longer than cheaper alternatives.

Below is a summary of our BASICS series scratchers for your selection.