Scratcher Positioning
If your cat doesn’t seem interested in the new scratchers, it might be an issue with the positioning of the scratcher. It is important to place the scratchers in areas where your cat feels relaxed and is accustomed to.

Start with placing the scratchers near to places where your cats often hang out, places where they customarily take naps, and near furniture or objects that they’re already scratching. Once they get accustomed to the scratcher, you may try to relocate them to other places that you prefer. Cats scratch to mark territory. Placing scratchers in prominent locations will encourage your kitty’s acceptance of the scratcher.

If you have a large house, make sure you have scratchers spread around the house. Cats are lazy animals and won’t search for a scratcher when they need one. It has to be right where they need it, or your cat will scratch anything they find convenient. Carpet, couch or wall.

Scratcher Selection
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Frequently Asked Questions
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